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At WH Software, we take pride in producing software for the locksmith industry that is user friendly, accurate and as comprehensive as possible.

WH Software provides all the software a locksmith will ever need to stay ahead of their competition, and complete jobs to a professional standard in less time. This means, that by using this software, your company will be able to service more jobs than the competition.

WH Software produces an impressive array of comprehensive locksmith software which will make your business run like clockwork! The products they offer range from leading key code programs (InstaCode) to master keying software (ProMaster), to total shop management software (E3).

The Range of Solutions WH Software offer are as follows:

WH Software creates software specifically designed for the professional locksmith. They have exceeded their customer's needs in producing world renowned locksmiths' software that is easy to use with exceptional functionality.

We believe that you will use WH Software's products on a daily, if not hourly basis!

Are You a Professional Locksmith?

You need this Software! Stay ahead of the competition, and retain your competitive edge with WH Software's Locksmiths Software; The preferred choice of the professional locksmith.



"The import capabilities in PM7 have us improving the way our sales staff sends master keying information into the factory. All I wanted to do is automate the drudge work in my department and we've changed the structure of the corporation up and down the line".

- Mike Kirkpatrick, Arrow Lock Manufacturing Company, Medeco Security Locks, Inc.

"Thank you very much for taking so much time out of your work day to help me with the software download. You were very helpful to me and you are a valuable asset to your company. It is so rare these days to find someone who is so interested in customer service as you displayed. Your actions are the reason I will be buying from your company again in the future".

- Russ Montoya, A Line Locksmith, California.

"For years our hardware scheduling team were using an old program (in a DOS environment) that was completely unstable and unreliable. Our IT department was getting cranky about forever rebooting servers and restoring old backups, and we were losing countless hours due to downtime. Frustration was building and we had to find something better.

Since we introduced ProMaster Hardware Scheduler the entire department is humming. Users can share files, and our managers can see what everyone is doing - right from the take-off and scheduling to the packages leaving our warehouse. We use the program from start to finish, and it controls all the tricky areas such as variations and shipments where if you don't keep good records, you don't get paid.

Our business couldn't go back to running without this great, stable, and easy to use product from WHS".

- Tom Stokes, Technical products Manager, LSC.